Our first trip to Ethiopia was an unforgettable experience!

From Addis Ababa, we flew to Bahir Dar to see Lake Tana and the Blue Nile Waterfalls.  We then made the journey to Gondar stopping at the Awramba community and Mercato Market. We also ate some authentic Ethiopian food at The Four Sisters Restaurant, spoke with Birhan Abate about travel to Africa on Ethiopian Airlines and we visited the Holy Trinity Cathedral,  the final resting place of Emperor Hailie Selassie.

In April 2021, St. Vincent and the Grenadines were hard hit by the explosion of the La Soufrière Volcano. It was a tough time for our friends and family from this small island, but The Caribbean Diaspora was quick to respond with an overwhelming amount of support. Even though most of the media has finished their news cycle, St. Vincent still needs our help. We got a chance to speak with a good friend of the show, Fanta Williams who is the Country Manager for Digicel SVG. She gives me a first-hand account of whats happened that day, the aftermath, how things are going and what they need help with next as they move forward. I want to thank everyone for their support and there is more work to be done

We speak with Award-Winning Producer/Director Jennifer Holness from Hungry Eyes Media about her Subjects Of Desire Documentary, a film that examines the complexities behind Black Beauty standards. The film had its world premiere at SXSW and was awarded Top 10 Audience Favourite at Hot Docs. Jennifer Holness has worked as a documentary filmmaker for nearly 20 years.

We took a 2-3 hour drive to Negril from Montego Bay and discovered a new highway being built through Ferris to Mackfield in Westmoreland, Jamaica. Shot in real-time, avoiding potholes, and enjoying sweet Reggae Music, we really enjoyed this drive in Jamaica. Music Produced By: Derek Brin; Fierce Music Group “Stay” featuring Shazelle,