Why Advertise With Us?

Contact us for your CCTV Produced AD

Contact us for your CCTV Produced AD

Be strategic with your marketing dollars! Caribbean Vibrations TV can help you leverage your sales initiative in a simple and effective way. By attaching your brand to our show, you are sending a message to viewers that you support Caribbean culture and the interests of the Caribbean-centric consumer. Advertising with Caribbean Vibrations TV will allow you to target niche consumers with an emotional connection to the Caribbean.


Caribbean Vibrations TV has been a staple in the Canadian and Caribbean Community for over 10 years, airing on 3 major networks worldwide. We continue to be a trusted source to upwards of 3 million weekly viewers as the eyes and ears of Caribbean culture around the world. Don’t waste precious time looking for your customers, we’ve got them right here!

What We Can Do For Your Business…

When you advertise with Caribbean Vibrations TV, you will directly reach consumers who identify with and/or have a passion for Caribbean culture.

Each season of our show is comprised of 52 half-hour episodes, aired multiple times weekly on OMNI 1, Bell TV, CaribVision and BEN TV (broadcast on Sky Television in the UK).

OMNI 1 Television broadcasts Caribbean Vibrations TV semi-nationally to viewers across Canada (including: Greater Montreal, Southern Ontario, Southwestern B.C. and Lower Mainland, Alberta) totaling over 1 million households. Bell ExpressVU (a division of Bell TV) airs OMNI 1, providing satellite television services via HD and audio channels to over 1.8 million subscribers across Canada. Through this vehicle, Caribbean Vibrations TV reaches over 25% of Ontario’s Caribbean Ethnic origin community (approximately 237, 891 households per week).

Caribbean Vibrations TV also airs on CaribVision which broadcasts 24/7 on cable in over 22 Caribbean territories, and additonally in the US Tri-State area – New York, New Jersey and Connecticut , totalling 1.75 million households.

We can work with you to target the customers your business needs. Let’s have a conversation…

Please contact us at : caribbeanvibrationstv@gmail.com or Phone: 416 451-8596
for our Rate Card and further inquiries.